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Ezgi Endam

Diva Fitness Program - Level 2

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Diva-Fitness Program Level 2 


Let’s face it, if we don’t enjoy doing something, we will only do it for so long.

In terms of fitness, this is where yoyo-dieting, self-starving, binge eating, quitting on workout plans, and fad-diets come into play – we are all too familiar.

And it doesn’t make it easier that as we get older, it gets more and more challenging to shed unwanted pounds… and keep them off.

The good news is that as women, we possess incredible creative energy- we create life on this planet! So why can’t we embody this creative power to create the body of our dreams? We absolutely can. It requires us to transmute our creative energy to conceive our new selves.
Imagine embodying your most powerful self (your “diva persona”) to create the body of your dreams…what would she wear? How would she move? How would she exude power and confidence?

And top it off with some variety, dance, affirmations, empowerment, meditations, inspiration, AND all the good-feels of an absolute diva on stage (in the privacy of your own home) – we can create transformation and longevity!

When we have the right network of support and accountability, along with a sustainable system, we can accomplish so much more together than we ever could alone.

If you are a woman (including our LGBTQIA sisters) who is ready to tap into her feminine creative powers to sculpt her dream body…while learning new techniques to release weight that is science + lifestyle based, so that you can do this properly without constantly having to jump on the latest “fad diet” and yo-yo up and down again and again….